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International Commissioning Engineers

110,000 ft2
Duke University
Human Genetics Research Center
Durham, North Carolina



Welcome to International Commissioning Engineers (ICE). Our mission is to ensure that Owners receive the highest quality construction, environmentally safe and energy efficient buildings as possible stopping building failure, which is a concern of all building owners. ICE commissioning programs are customized to prevent those concerns. 

Many commissioning firms are comprised of one or two commissioning agents who will utilize the installing contractor’s personnel to perform and report performance testing (ICE does not). Starting with the design, our independent professional engineers review all design and specifications (not for theory) for functional capabilities, performance and monitoring capabilities, building pressures and calculations. International Commissioning Engineer’s in house teams are comprised of one or more of the following professionals: registered professional engineer (mechanical, electrical); registered field testing engineer; industrial hygienist. This provides the owner a core independent team who can perform and understand all phases of field testing and design theory along with the professional capability to identify problems and provide solutions. These teams will perform on going inspections with hands on verification and conduct monthly commissioning review meetings. It is still the responsibility of the installing contractors to provide installed operable systems, started-up and functioning in accordance with project plans and specifications, which functionally interface with related systems. All performance tests will be directed or conducted by an ICE Engineer. ICE is capable of providing continuing multidiscipline expertise to oversee or perform the mechanical, electrical, control, hydronic, building pressurization and life safety system performance testing. Our hands-on approach provides the Owner's and the Owner’s operations personnel an independently tested and fully commissioned quality facility that will work efficiently for many years. 

Thank you for your consideration, and we hope to work with you in the near future.

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