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ICE’s in-house Cx team is comprised of the following experienced professionals: Registered Professional Engineers (Mechanical and Electrical), LEED Accredited Professionals, ACG Commissioning Authorities (CxA), Registered Architects, Energy Management Professionals (EMP), and Certified Field-Testing Engineers. This provides a core independent team of professionals that not only understands all phases of a project, but that can conduct its own “hands-on” functional performance testing (FPT) to identify deficiencies and provide viable solutions.
Welcome to International Commissioning Engineers (ICE). Our mission is to ensure that Owners receive the highest quality construction, environmentally safe and energy efficient buildings as possible stopping building failure, which is a concern of all building owners. ICE commissioning programs are customized to prevent those concerns.


In 1996 Mr. Mike Young, CEO along with other Professional Engineers combined the realm of independent HVAC performance testing with the theory of Professional Engineering to form International Commissioning Engineers (ICE). ICE’s professionals have been functionally testing building systems long before it was called commissioning. ICE believes it is our unique, independent, multi-disciplined, “hands-on” approach that sets us apart in the Cx industry. A commissioning agency must have on-staff professionals to conduct inspections and perform functional performance testing in conjunction with the appropriate contractor(s). In-lieu of having the installing contractors self-perform functional testing and provide the results to the commissioning authority.
One of the main reasons that ICE was formed was due to obvious new building failures to be either energy efficient or perform as expected, this was becoming commonplace in the construction industry. ICE’s founders realized that any approach to solving this industry dilemma must include an independent multi-disciplinary field performance and verification test of the building systems and their sub-systems, to help prevent costly non-performing buildings from becoming the owner’s ongoing health risk, energy consumer, maintenance headache and/or capital expenditure nightmare.

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The vision of becoming the best quality construction company on the market and the most recognized in the country.


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Each construction idea goes with the proposal to make a high quality project, to exceed the highest standards.

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Our mission is to deliver unparalleled excellence in ensuring the optimal functionality, safety, and sustainability of your engineered systems.

Guided by precision, integrity, and innovation, we are committed to verifying that each project meets or exceeds design intent, complies with industry standards, and provides enduring value for our clients.

Through meticulous testing, collaborative expertise, and a dedication to quality assurance, we strive to achieve client satisfaction, promote operational efficiency, and contribute to a sustainable and resilient future.

Our Commissioning Process
Our commitment to excellence is embedded in our commissioning process. We approach each project with a meticulous and comprehensive strategy designed to ensure the optimal functionality, safety, and sustainability of your engineered systems. Our process is characterized by:
    • We prioritize a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and objectives, tailoring our commissioning process to align with their unique requirements.
    • Our pre-commissioning planning is rooted in collaboration, bringing together diverse stakeholders to establish clear objectives, timelines, and responsibilities.
    • We actively engage with design teams, providing valuable input to optimize system performance, energy efficiency, and maintainability.
    • We maintain a vigilant presence during the construction phase, ensuring that installations align with design specifications and meet the highest quality standards.
    • Our functional performance testing is characterized by thoroughness, employing rigorous protocols and failure scenarios to verify that each component and system performs precisely as intended.
    • We emphasize the importance of integrated system testing, assessing how various components work together to deliver seamless and efficient operations.
    • Detailed documentation is a cornerstone of our process, providing a transparent record of tests, results, and adjustments made throughout the commissioning journey.
    • We maintain open and transparent communication with our clients, aiming to not just meet but exceed their expectations throughout the commissioning process.
    • We approach challenges with a proactive mindset, swiftly identifying and resolving issues to ensure seamless project progression.
    • Our final commissioning reports are comprehensive, providing a valuable resource for future operations and maintenance, including recommendations for ongoing optimization.
    • We foster a culture of continuous improvement, conducting thorough post-project reviews and incorporating lessons learned into our evolving commissioning practices.

Our commissioning process is more than a set of procedures; it’s a commitment to delivering quality, reliability, and enduring value in every project we undertake.


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