Hardening Building Infrastructure

The term “Biosecurity” did not exist in the private sector 5 years ago. Today, addressing the status of building infrastructure capabilities to protect its occupants and minimize the presence of airborne biological pathogens migrating within a building during and after a bioterrorist incident is urgent. As in any critical situation, response time can directly affect outcomes. Advance planning and preparedness is mandatory.

Having over 40 years experience in the areas of HVAC design and building commissioning, International Commissioning Engineers estimates that up to 80% of the world’s buildings are not capable of properly minimizing the effects of a bioterrorist incident. Proper system setup, ventilation, pressurization, filtration and dilution are crucial factors in achieving a “hardened” building. International Commissioning Engineers is in a unique position to help all building owners, operators and occupants in addressing infrastructure biosecurity readiness issues. International Commissioning Engineers addresses your facility using three key concepts; Due Diligence, Risk Management, and Emergency Response.

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Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/24/04