Vanderbilt University – Kissam College Hall

Downtown Main Library

ICE’s involvement in commissioning the new College Halls at Kissam dormitory for Vanderbilt University represents a comprehensive effort to ensure the functionality, efficiency, and reliability of critical mechanical, electrical, and control systems within the facility.

With a total area of 395,000 square feet and the capacity to house approximately 660 students, the Kissam Quad College Halls project is one of the largest single projects ever handled by Vanderbilt Campus Planning.

The scope of systems commissioned by ICE includes the entire mechanical system. Additionally, ICE commissioned the plumbing system, emergency power system, electrical systems, and building automation system (BAS).

ICE played a crucial role in ensuring that the College Halls at Kissam dormitory met the highest standards of performance and functionality, providing a comfortable and efficient living environment for Vanderbilt University students.