Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

ICE’s involvement in commissioning the new headquarters for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) exemplifies their commitment to ensuring the functionality, efficiency, and safety of critical building systems, particularly in a facility as vital as one housing forensic, DNA, ballistics, microbiology, and general laboratories.

The project, spanning 180,000 square feet, incorporates a wide range of functions, including offices, laboratories, a gun range, evidence investigation bays, computer rooms, training classrooms, and parking facilities.

ICE played a crucial role in conducting plan and specification reviews, chairing commissioning meetings, performing construction inspections, and coordinating functional performance testing.

Through our comprehensive commissioning process, ICE’s team ensured that the mechanical, electrical, and control systems of the TBI headquarters were thoroughly tested and optimized for efficiency and performance. Their efforts contributed to the successful completion and operation of a facility crucial for law enforcement and forensic investigations.