Austin Peay State University

ICE’s involvement in commissioning the Austin Peay State University’s Science Building, a landmark project for the State of Tennessee Board of Regents, underscores their commitment to ensuring the functionality, efficiency, and safety of critical mechanical systems within the facility.

 With a sprawling footprint of 240,000 square feet, the Science Building houses a diverse range of amenities, including a 200-seat lecture hall, laboratories, offices, a planetarium, library, greenhouse, and cold storage rooms. The HVAC systems are robust, utilizing campus-supplied chilled water and steam, with a substantial airflow of 300,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) and full energy recovery systems in place. The Building Automation Controls were functionally tested to ensure precise control and monitoring of building environments. Safety features such as zone presence sensors for fume hoods and room presence sensors for laboratories further enhance occupant safety.

Through their comprehensive commissioning efforts, ICE’s team ensured that the mechanical systems of the Science Building operated optimally, meeting the highest standards of performance, efficiency, and safety. Their meticulous approach, coupled with rigorous testing and verification, contributed to the successful completion and operation of this state-of-the-art facility, providing a conducive environment for research, learning, and innovation at Austin Peay State University.