Division of Capital Assest Management (DCAM) – Massachusetts Department of Mental Health – New Pyschiatric Hospital (428,000 ft2)

ICE’s involvement in commissioning the New Psychiatric Hospital in Worcester, MA, for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts demonstrates their comprehensive approach to ensuring the functionality, efficiency, and security of critical systems in healthcare facilities.

Throughout the Design, Construction, and Acceptance Phases, ICE provided third-party independent Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Controls System Commissioning (Cx) services. Their activities during each phase were carefully tailored to ensure compliance with Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR), Basis of Design (BOD), and LEED® GOLD certification standards.

Overall, ICE’s thorough commissioning services played a vital role in ensuring the successful operation of the New Psychiatric Hospital, meeting the needs of patients and staff while maintaining a secure and efficient environment for recovery and care.