Global Health Research Building (GHRB)

The construction of the Global Health Research Building (GHRB) at Duke University Medical Center represents a significant investment in biodefense research and emerging infectious disease preparedness. Funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as part of a broader effort to establish regional biocontainment laboratories (RBLs) across the United States, GHRB plays a crucial role in supporting research on biosafety, infectious diseases, immunology, and public health.

Built to the highest standards of biocontainment and safety, GHRB underwent rigorous certification procedures to achieve BSL-3 biocontainment barrier certification.

The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems of GHRB underwent ICE’s thorough commissioning (Cx) and Functional Performance Test (FPT) procedures. This rigorous testing ensured the reliability and effectiveness of critical building systems, including 100 percent redundancy to guarantee uninterrupted operation, even during power outages.

With a focus on safety, reliability, and adaptability, GHRB sets the standard for BSL-3 research facilities. By exceeding current standards for biosafety and incorporating flexible design features, GHRB is well-equipped to support cutting-edge research initiatives in biodefense and infectious disease research while ensuring the highest levels of safety for researchers and the community alike.