TN South Data Center’s Smyrna, TN

ICE’s involvement in commissioning the Tennessee South Data Center in Smyrna, TN, for the State of Tennessee demonstrates their comprehensive approach to ensuring the reliability and functionality of critical systems. ICE provided third-party independent mechanical, electrical, and controls system commissioning (Cx) services, starting from the Design Development stage through to the Post Acceptance Phase.

The scope of systems commissioned was extensive and included: mechanical, electrical, emergency power systems, and the building automation system.

ICE conducted Performance Verification of the data submitted in the final Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) report, followed by a 48-hour Integrated System Functional Interface Test (FIT). This rigorous testing process involved simulating various operating modes, including fire alarm and emergency situations, to verify that all systems functioned seamlessly according to the Contract Documents.

The Integrated System Tests, conducted after Functional Performance Tests (FPTs) and prior to Substantial Completion, aimed to ensure that all integrated systems operated as intended, providing assurance of their dynamic function and operation under different conditions.

Overall, ICE’s meticulous approach to commissioning ensured the Tennessee South Data Center met the highest standards of reliability and performance, crucial for handling critical computer functions for the State of Tennessee’s executive branch.